AllSports Timing Time-Trial

AllSports Timing Time-Trial (South Mopac)

Come get your TT on and challenge yourself against the clock!

-This is an unsanctioned time trial for the enjoyment of the cycling community. You must sign up on the FB calendar. No walk-ups allowed. Event waivers must be signed at event. Everyone rides at their own risk.

Registration in front of the Veloway (4898 La Crosse Avenue Austin, TX 78739) beginning at 5:30PM. Course starts on the west side of MoPac, south of La Crosse, turns around at 1826, and ends on the east side of MoPac, south of La Crosse - 8.0 mile loop. Course closes at 7:00PM.

Registration Details (please read carefully):

1. Register online (link below).
2. You MUST register EVERY time. This may be a different procedure than previous procedures.
3. We generally have computers available for registration onsite, but it is NOT guaranteed.
4. There will be NO paper registrations.
5. If you don't have a tag, pick one up at the table, and enter it on the entry sheets at the table.
6. You MUST give us your waiver signature at each event. If you ride with a previously recorded tag without signature, your entry WILL be removed. Yes, we do it electronically, too.

Event Details
1. Gun Time is 6:00PM (any mat crossing afterwards starts your time). This means stay at least 3 feet away from the mats after 6:00PM.
2. Start mats picked up at 7:00PM. No exceptions.
3. Finish mats picked up at after start mats.

1. Results usually available immediately, but always within 24 hours.

2013 Schedule
2nd Tuesday, March 12, 2013
2nd Tuesday, April TBD
2nd Tuesday, May TBD
2nd Tuesday, June TBD
2nd Tuesday, July TBD
2nd Tuesday, August TBD
2nd Tuesday, September TBD
2nd Tuesday, October - TBD

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