Our process

We are highly process oriented here at AllSports Timing. This ensures that you get only the very best experience possible, and allows us to provide the quality you expect in servicing your event. Here's what to expect when you work with us:

Our Service Quotation Process

  • Submit your basic information for quotation using our Bid Request Form.
  • We will check our calendars for availability.
  • If we have any questions, we will contact you via phone at the number listed.
  • If we are available, we will send you a service proposal and agreement via email.
  • You may contact us at any time for questions.
  • Once you accept, you will need to sign the agreement and fax, email, or snail mail it back to us.
  • Send us your deposit check to the address on the service agreement.
  • You're booked!

Our race setup process

  • Once you're booked, you'll need to complete a New Race Form.
  • The New Race Form gives us all the information we need to know to service your race correctly.
  • Online registration data communication
      • If you are using our registration services, we will have the registration list sent to you via email on the packet pickup date.
      • If you are using Active.com for registration, you have the option of setting us as your timer, and we will download the participant information directly, assign race numbers, and return the registration list to you by the packet pickup date/time.
      • If you are using another source for online registration, you will need to export the data in Excel or .csv format and send to us before packet pickup 1 or more days prior to the packet pickup date.
  • Paper registrations
    • You will be responsible for documenting paper registrations and sending it to us with the online registrations using Excel or .csv format.
    • We will combine online registrations with the paper registrations to create a single registration list.
    • We highly recommend you let AllSports Timing merge this data and assign race numbers.

    Bib Distribution

    • If you choose to use our free RoadID bib service, we will ship bibs to you for receipt before you're packet pickup date.
    • If you have ordered your own bibs, we'll need bibs received by us () at least two (2) weeks prior to your event date to ensure they are tagged and returned to you in time.
    • Race number assignments: We will assign race numbers if you choose our free bibs. If you send bibs to us, either AllSports Timing or the event can assign bib numbers.

    Race-day process

    • Our team will arrive 2 hours prior to the race.
    • They will contact the Race Director at the mobile number indicated on the New Race Form, confirm the race course, and any details necessary to service your event.
    • We will provide you with any bib/chips necessary for your race at first contact.
    • You will be advised on how to use our race-day registration template, provided the necessary forms, and work with you on the most efficient method for shuttling the data between the registration personnel and our timing personnel. We will not accept forms/event waivers completed by the participants.
    • We recommend shutting down race day registration 15 minutes prior to the race.
    • The race is started by either our team, or yours, whichever is coordinated.
    • Scoring of the race begins by our team.
    • Our team manually registers the first 10-20 runners crossing the finish line.
    • Preliminary results are posted at 10-15 minute intervals at the designated posting location.
    • Scoring continues until an adequate number of finishers create a quorum of awards winners.
    • A preliminary awards report is generated and reviewed with the Race Director.
    • A final awards report is generated and provided to the Race Director.
    • Scoring continues until the final finisher crosses, or the Race Director provides authorization to complete scoring.
    • Our team breaks down equipment, retrieves any hardware from the Race Director
    • Invoice is provided to race director for payment.
    • Results are posted online the same-day.
    • AllSports Timing answers any participant inquiries directly, and makes necessary adjustments to results.
    • You're done until next year!

    Happy Racing!

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